Training the Next Generation of Anti-Nuclear War Activists

Movements begin with trainings, with digging deep and helping people see how much power they truly hold.

Early in October, over 30 activists converged in Washington, DC to spend a packed weekend learning the art of organizing. We helped this new batch of leaders explore their personal narratives, paint their vision for a just future, as well as define strategies for building power in this new era.

Each of these organizers is already back home, starting new Beyond the Bomb chapters and throwing campaign kick-off meetings. Together, they’re leading the first wave of local actions to push their cities, campuses, counties, and states to declare that they are diametrically opposed to Trump’s absolute power to start nuclear war.

We’re inspired by the defiance, creativity, and will to fight that we witnessed throughout the training. If you are too, check out our campaign, 100 Cities Against Nuclear War, and sign up to join us.

Check out more photos from the training on our facebook page here!