Our national training conference, SquadLab, took place in Washington, D.C. November 2-3, 2019.

BombSquad Ambassadors – who organize wherever they live in their own state, town or campus – learned cutting edge campaigning strategies while helping to prevent nuclear war at this year’s SquadLab conference. The BombSquad is leading a movement demanding our politicians bring us back from the brink of nuclear war. They’ve been working with leaders from across movements to learn and hone their organizing skills and connecting with other ambassadors from across the country.

Check out all of the topics that our SquadLab participants learned about!

  • Intersectionality: Nuclear weapons as issue zero
  • Campaign strategy
  • Coalition building
  • Digital organizing
  • How to write effective Letters to the Editor
  • Working with the media
  • Powermapping
  • Utilizing storytelling in organizing
  • African Americans against the bomb
  • Women in the disarmament and nonproliferation field
  • A tour of current nuclear issues, including U.S.-Russia, North Korea, Iran
  • Nuclear myths
  • Alaska’s nuclear legacy
  • Corporate accountability
  • The future of nuclear power
  • The Green New Deal

Interested in becoming a BombSquad Ambassador?

Apply here. We’re looking for volunteers who are ready to:

  • Build connections across their communities: Ambassadors work with other grassroots organizations and student groups on actions that bring their community together towards the common goals of peace and justice.
  • Educate & mobilize their peers: Whether it is a teach-in or a Letter to the Editor writing workshop, ambassadors get in-depth training so they can keep their community informed, and give them meaningful ways to get involved.
  • Make the nuclear threat a key issue in the elections: It was grassroots organizers and activists that made the presidential candidates of 2016 acknowledge the threat posed by nuclear weapons and the danger of having someone willing to use them in the White House. This year’s ambassadors will build on that work to demand politicians who oppose nuclear war.
  • Commit to 1-2 hours of work per week: Ambassadors aren’t just committing to continuing to work with us – they’re making a commitment to their community. As a BombSquad ambassador, you agree to continue working on the causes that inspire you and encourage others around you to act on the threat of nuclear war when opportunities arise. 

It’s clear: we cannot trust our political leaders to prevent nuclear war. Join us as an Ambassador in the movement to renew our commitment to a nuclear weapon-free world with justice, peace, and security.