At a time when the United States desperately needs solidarity, the Trump administration has withdrawn from nuclear arms control treaties, threatened peaceful protestors with military retaliation, suggested restarting nuclear testing, and is seeking billions in increased funding for nuclear weapons next year. Things look pretty dismal, but there is a lot we can do  even from home.

We have a plan to move our world beyond the bomb — a plan that needs everybody. We are digging deep in Congressional districts all over the country, making ending nuclear violence a mainstay issue of the upcoming Presidential election, and ensuring that our elected leaders keep their promises and build the future we envision.

Our representatives and candidates for office need to know we won’t stand for increased funding for weapons and a continuation of our undemocratic nuclear system. Beyond the Bomb is going beyond rhetoric and putting our full organizing power behind legislative measures, like No First Use, that lower the odds these hideous weapons are unleashed in an act of fire and fury.

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