Representative Jacobs has endorsed No First Use, it’s time to get her to cosponsor it!

Call 1-805-PASS-NFU!

Key Talking Points:

  • In 2020, Rep. Jacobs endorsed No First Use (H.R. 2603) prior to her election and now we’re asking that she officially co-sponsors this important bill!
  • Implementing a nuclear No First Use policy reduces the risk of nuclear war by preventing the president from ever launching nuclear weapons as a first strike again.
  • Just this week, while debating the national defense budget, she said “it’s time to recognize there are not military solutions to every problem” and we couldn’t agree more! Nuclear weapons should never be the solution either, and H.R. 2603 will make No First Use the law!
  • It is time we put people and the planet over the defense industry’s cries for new nuclear weapons, modernization, and loose policy surrounding their use, and it is critical our representatives pledge to put checks and balances on our nuclear weapons systems.