2018: Build Local Power and Swing Big in the Midterms.

A new wave of activists build local chapters and pass city and state resolutions forcefully calling for an end to the President’s unilateral power to start nuclear war. We enlist more champions and build the bench of Beyond the Bomb heroes.

We then seize the 2018 midterm elections for all they’re worth. We announce 10 candidates who are most complicit in propping up the nuclear system — and beat them on November 6th. By bird-dogging candidates, organizing mass actions, and supporting get-out-the-vote efforts in key communities, we’ll shift the balance of power in Congress away from warmongers and defense contractors.

2018-19: Bring the Heat to Congress.

We’ve cleared Congress of the most complicit.

2019 is our year to force bystanders to pick a side: You’re either with us or you’re complicit in nuclear violence. We ratchet up the voices of those who know we need action now, while opposing those who preserve a dangerous and unjust status quo. We go beyond rhetoric and put our full organizing power behind emergency legislative measures that lower the odds these hideous weapons are unleashed in an act of fire and fury.

2020: Mobilize a Mass Movement.

The danger of nuclear war was front and center in 2016. After four years of living under the nuclear shadow, 2020 is ours for the taking. We’ll make our issue so central to the political discussion that the next President — backed by an awakened and realigned Congress — will have no choice but to take bold steps to reduce the threat of nuclear war and dramatically reform the nuclear system.

2021 and Beyond: We Persist.

Elections are beginnings, not endings. It will take a steady application of pressure to ensure the new President and the Congress keep their promises. We’ll stay loud. We’ll continue to lay rope with sister movements. And we’ll see you in the streets.