Our Team

Our small team supports all-star volunteers all over the country.

John QuaCampaigner

John Qua - Campaigner

John works as an organizer with Beyond the Bomb mobilizing communities and campuses against the threat of nuclear war and weapons. He got his start organizing for marriage equality in his home states of CT and RI and has worked on campaigns for social and environmental justice for the last decade since. When he’s not at BtB, you can find him cooking up a storm, running, or organizing for climate justice in the DMV.

Favorite quote: “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.” – James Baldwin

Favorite food: Peaches at the peak of summer!

Favorite marine animal:. Narwhals! I didn’t actually believe some friends when they told me about these creatures because they sound made up; they actually had to google them in front of me. They’re unicorns of the sea – what’s not to like!

Hometown: Providence, RI

Yasmeen SilvaCampaigner

Yasmeen Silva - Campaigner

Yasmeen is excited to expose the intersections of the nuclear system with other oppressive systems here in the United States. She is passionate specifically about ending toxic masculinity that fuels violence. She works with volunteers on the West Coast to ensure their actions and campaigns are as successful as possible.

Favorite quote:Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.” – Margaret Atwood

Favorite food: NY Pizza

Favorite marine animal: Coral. Why? Look at how they come together to build something much bigger and beautiful than themselves alone. Their communities are the basis of entire ecosystems!

Hometown: Hauppauge, NY

Brendan McGuireCampaigner

Brendan McGuire - Campaigner

Brendan cut his organizing teeth fighting for voters rights in Chicago and working on Martin O’Malley’s Presidential primary campaign. With Beyond the Bomb, he specializes in moving activists off the internet and into the real world.

Favorite quote: “Enjoy every sandwich.”  – Warren Zevon

Favorite food: Sushi (of the all-you-can-eat variety)

Favorite marine animal: Sea Otter

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

Meredith HorowskiAdvisor

Meredith Horowski - Advisor

Meredith Horowski is a co-founder of Beyond the Bomb and is its Senior Strategist. She’s passionate about centering justice and fairness in anti-nuclear work, and advises on campaign design, grassroots mobilization, and long-term power building. Since 2014, she has served as the Global Campaign Director at Global Zero, the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons, where she led international advocacy strategy, creative campaigns, and public mobilization. Meredith is an experienced social justice campaigner with particular expertise in offline organizing and in creating powerful, diverse movements on pressing social issues. Prior to joining Global Zero, Meredith managed college organizing at the ONE Campaign and was a researcher with the National Poverty Center. She’s written for outlets including Teen Vogue, The Nation, and Huffington Post. In her free time, she organizes with a feminist collective in D.C. and enjoys hiking and swimming.