Influencing the Federal Budget with Foreign Policy for America

Want to free up money for causes you care about? On March 22, 2021 Beyond the Bomb teamed up with Foreign Policy for America to record a webinar teaching you how to do just that! Scroll on for the recording below!

How come whenever we ask for policies that would help people we are told “there isn’t enough money”? Yet every year the government doles out billions of our taxpayer dollars to the military on weapons systems we don’t need. Worst of all, we don’t hear about it until after the fact!

Not this year.

This year we stop more money going to nukes by interrupting the budget process. Check out the recording below to learn about the behind-the-scenes federal budget process and how you can engage with it.

Budgets are moral documents and the U.S. has shown that its moral compass is skewed. Enough is enough. This year, we have a real opportunity to cut nuclear weapons programs from the budget and free up billions of dollars for real human needs, making us safer in the process.

We love imagining what we would do with that money instead: a green recovery, funding education, healthcare for all! But to achieve those visions, we need to reset our moral compass and rewrite the moral document of the budget by not funding nukes.