Grassroots Anti-Nuke Group on the SFRC Vote on Pompeo’s Nomination for Secretary of State

WASHINGTON, DC — Moments ago, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to send President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to the Senate floor for approval.

In reaction to the vote, John Qua, spokesperson for Beyond the Bomb, a new grassroots movement to prevent nuclear war, issued the following statement:

“This was a disappointing decision to advance Mike Pompeo’s nomination as Secretary of State—one that does a disservice to America’s hardworking diplomats and Americans everywhere. The Committee’s recommendation notwithstanding, the historic level of contention in this nomination process speaks volumes about Pompeo’s unfitness for the job as America’s chief diplomat.

“There is widespread concern that Pompeo as Secretary of State will indulge the President’s most dangerous whims. Installing a hardliner like Pompeo as America’s chief diplomat would deal a major blow to an already hollowed-out State Department and push the nation further down the path to war. With fringe extremists like John Bolton already by the President’s side as National Security Advisor, it’s now up to the Senate to reject Pompeo and deny Trump this new addition to his war cabinet.”

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Beyond the Bomb is building a grassroots movement to move us back from the brink of nuclear war, dismantle the nuclear system, and to secure a just future for all. For more information, please visit