What would a world without nuclear weapons look like to you? The #FutureFirst fellowship asks you to imagine what it would be like if we centered people and the planet above war, and puts nuclear weapons at the intersection of racial, social, and climate justice. Join us.

Over six months fellows join other young, intersectional activists to hone their skills as an organizer and become an expert on the injustices inherent in our nuclear weapons system (along with how we can fix them!) At Beyond the Bomb, we believe nuclear weapons are issue zero – from the undemocratic launch process to the billions spent every year, to the aftermath of testing that still impacts the health of indigenous and marginalized communities, nuclear weapons intersect with the issues progressive activists already care about, and we need you in this fight! 

Meet our current fellows and alumni below!

Fellows have gone on to become Scoville fellows, Rangel fellows, and more!