What would a world without nuclear weapons look like to you? The #FutureFirst fellowship asks you to imagine what it would be like if we centered people and the planet above war, and puts nuclear weapons at the intersection of racial, social and climate justice. Join us.

Over 16 weeks you’ll join other young, intersectional activists to hone your skills as an organizer and become an expert on the injustices inherent in our nuclear weapons system (along with how we can fix them!) At Beyond the Bomb, we believe nuclear weapons are issue zero – from the undemocratic launch process to the billions spent every year, to the aftermath of testing that still impacts the health of indigenous and marginalized communities, nuclear weapons intersect with the issues progressive activists already care about, and we need you in this fight! 

Here’s some things past fellows have said:

“Activism today doesn’t mean choosing an issue you’re passionate about and focusing your power and platform on advocating for that single issue, but learning and understanding that so many social justice issues intersect tremendously. This fellowship has allowed me the chance and the space to educate myself on so many different issues that I wasn’t as familiar with before and showed me that they were much closer to home than I thought.” – Hawine Eticha

“I feel like I am making a real difference, and that is huge for me. Beyond the Bomb has been such an accepting community. I’m never scared to ask questions because I know I won’t be judged; everyone here is so nice and constantly reminds us of how proud they are of our work. I am so happy with the connections I have made here, and it has made me wonder how I could alter my career path and relate it to intersectional issues and activism.” – Maria Diaz-Islas

“Being able to balance my classes, my job, and the fellowship is lovely and makes me realize that activism can be a sustainable thing; I don’t have to devote all my time and my entire life to nuclear disarmament to make a difference. My work with BtB has helped me to recognize that activism, like everything else, requires a kind of balancing, and has prevented me from burning out.” – Sarah Vamvounis

“Joining Beyond the Bomb, and having an opportunity to be a part of their team and in that atmosphere has impacted my life in more positive ways than I could have imagined. First and foremost I was brought into a community with what felt like unlimited passion and support. In this setting I was able to flourish and develop a new knowledge of nuclear weapons policy, organizing, as well as a multitude of skills that I’ll carry with me in future endeavors.” – Jasmine Wofford

Fellows have gone on to become Waggoner fellows, work with the United Nations, and publish in national outlets. We offer a limited number of fellows each semester a second term, allowing them to work with our digital and partnerships managers to learn more about organizing, or to work on multimedia projects. Check out previous fellows work here!

Who Are You?

Someone who wants to make the world a better place, isn’t afraid to get into the trenches, and is passionate about peace. You love social media, are excited to learn about digital organizing and advocacy, and aren’t afraid to try new things. 

We’re seeking paid fellows to make a 4 month commitment to raise the alarms about our nuclear system through digital organizing. Fellows must be living in the United States, but there are no age or education requirements! Write blog posts and mass emails, design graphics, and learn about how we’re going to dismantle the nuclear system. We’ll teach you everything you need to know! Along the way you’ll learn all about the nuclear weapons system, from legislation to intersectional looks at the ways they have been harming us for decades. 

At Beyond the Bomb, we understand that systemic racism and misogyny have contributed to a largely ‘pale, male and stale’ national security field, and we highly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women and other underrepresented groups to apply. Read what our fellows have had to say about this very issue: Pulling Up A Chair to the Table: Interview with Bonnie Jenkins from 2020 fellow Raeghn Draper and An Intersectional Issue Requires an Intersectional Solution from 2019 fellow Gabrielle Melms. 

Worried you’re not qualified? You are. There’s no time for imposter syndrome. 

Get paid for your time, build key skills to become a stronger activist, and work to protect the world from the threat of nuclear weapons use. We offer a $1000 stipend, ongoing training, and a network of support. You’ll get one-on-one coaching and a diverse network of other fellows and organizers. Interested in joining the fight against nuclear weapons? Apply by December 4, 2020!

Meet fellowship alumni here!

In Four Months You’ll…

  • Write a letter to the editor, mass email and a blog post about your work;
  • Build power in your community through digital outreach on social media;
  • Learn emerging tactics in progressive organizing, and put them to use;
  • Brainstorm with other fellows during weekly, one hour strategy calls to learn how the nuclear system intersects with other social justice issues, and meet with field organizers once a week to check in.

Apply by December 4, 2020!

What’s on the Application?


  • Cover Letter
  • Writing example(s)


  • Letter of Recommendation (Maximum of one.)
  • Resume

Essay Questions. 500 word maximum.

  • What aspects of the fellowship gets you the most excited? Do you have any reservations?
  • Why is intersectionality an important part of causing change?
  • Tell us a little about yourself and your background, including why you’re interested in activism.
  • This fellowship focuses heavily on digital organizing; If you have any experience in graphic design, social media, or communications, please tell us more about it.
  • What do you hope to get out of this fellowship or learn from it?

Apply by December 4, 2020!

If you have any questions regarding the fellowship or application process, please email [email protected]

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