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This Memorial Day We Honor Atomic Veterans

Francis Lincoln Grahlfs is an atomic veteran, pacifist, and an anti-nuclear activist. Every email or correspondence he sends is followed with one short phrase: “In war, everyone loses.” He is a veteran of World War II, who witnessed multiple nuclear tests and the effects of a nuclear weapon first hand, and most importantly, he never willingly volunteered to be a part of these tests.

King of the Metaphors?

“America has forgotten that the monster’s (Godzilla’s) origins are political, and more specifically, immediately anti-nuclear in nature.”

The Greenbrier Bunker: A Reflection of the U.S. Psyche

The Greenbrier Bunker stands in stark contrast to the myth of the so-called “American Dream” because it is a physical manifestation of the inequalities in our society. A distinction between the haves and have-nots.