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Explosively Entertaining: Nuclear Weapons on TV

You may have noticed that most of our blog posts are a little more serious, but there’s lots of nuclear-related content out there for entertainment purposes as well! Whether you’re into fantastic fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, drama, adult comedy, or nonfiction, there’s something out there for everyone! In no particular order… 1. Jericho (2006-2008) This show’s… Read more »

The Intersection Between Nuclear Weapons and Prisons

At a staggering 2.3 million people, America’s prison population has increased 500% over the past four decades. The rapid expansion of the carceral system has been dubbed the Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC). First used in 1974 by the North Carolina Prisoners Labor Union, the term references the broad privatization of America’s legal system for maximized profits…. Read more »

Influencing the Federal Budget with Foreign Policy for America

Share Tweet Want to free up money for causes you care about? On March 22, 2021 Beyond the Bomb teamed up with Foreign Policy for America to record a webinar teaching you how to do just that! Scroll on for the recording below! How come whenever we ask for policies that would help people we… Read more »

“Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything” and Nuclear Weapons

Being a fellow in the digital department means that I search for tons of nuclear-related media that will help generate content to grab our social media followers’ attention. However, the content I sift through typically has to grab my attention first. We often gravitate towards media that is easy to digest because there is so… Read more »

Hey hon….

Hey hon! 😁  I know we haven’t talked since high school when I kept trying to get you to 💪  enlist, but I actually discovered this whole new #Weapons💪 #Opportunity I think you would be 🔥 perfect🔥 for!  I know, I know you said you need to save money for…was it healthcare? But once you… Read more »

The Pentagon’s $9 Million SLCM-Up

By Ellen Leonard & Rachel Traczyk Yet again, the United States has found another way to pour an absurd and unnecessary amount of money into its nuclear arsenal. The previous U.S. sea launched cruise missile (SLCM), the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile-Nuclear (TLAM-N), was retired and put to a short rest in 2010. Recently, talk about… Read more »