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The Intersectionality of the Peace Sign

While the peace sign started off as a symbol for nuclear disarmament and came to represent so much more, it was intersectional from the beginning.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Five Latinx Activists You Need to Know

Alfonso García Robles “Mankind is confronted with a choice: we must halt the arms race and proceed to disarmament or face annihilation” Known as “Mr. Disarmament,” Alfonso García Robles was a Nobel Peace Prize winner born in Zamora, Mexico. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robles focused his work as a lawyer and diplomat on making… Read more »

How to be a Nuclear-Aware Citizen in 2020

On August 29, 2020, the United Nations will honor the 10th annual International Day Against Nuclear Tests (IDANT). This day of recognition was established in 2009 by resolution 64/35 of the United Nations General Assembly. The 10th commemoration of IDANT occurs only months before the 2020 elections in the United States, with many congressional seats… Read more »

So You Think You Can Survive a Nuclear Attack?

We don’t often think of how life could change drastically, and how many things currently pose a threat to the routine we create for ourselves. This is why we need to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Online Shopping with an ICBM

A flagship sign of compulsive online shopping is ‘buying things that I don’t need, or much more than I planned, even when I can’t afford it.’ This also fits the bill in describing America’s defense spending problem.