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A Nuclear War on Orchid Island

Tucked away in the southern corner of Taiwan, the remote island of LanYu, or as it’s more popularly known, Orchid Island, is all but hidden. Tourists flock to this idyllic destination for its stunning coral reefs and dense forests covered with the flower that gives the island its unique name. Among the shimmering fish and… Read more »

It’s Not a Phase Mom! Punks Against Nuclear Weapons

I have always been a punk at heart. To this day, I love anything rowdy, loud, and angry. However, the more I got involved as an activist, the more I felt pressure to conform to a certain role. I wanted to be seen as a professional and someone who should be taken seriously. So, I… Read more »

What We Can Be Thankful For in 2020

Even though 2020 has been a year more known for its pitfalls than its promises, we’re still here, and louder than ever!

Defund the Police (and Nuclear Weapons While We’re at It)

Our government spends an exorbitant amount on nuclear weaponry, just as they do with police systems. #FutureFirst fellow Jasmine Nguyen interviewed Professor Alex Vitale about prison abolition and nuclear weapons.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion: Nukes Edition

Newton’s third law was focusing on the world of physics, but his insights can be applied to the development of nuclear weapons in other countries as a reaction to the United States’ nuclear arsenal.