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Do You Feel Safe? Well, Do ‘Ya Punk?

Might makes right. It’s a well-known motif in the media, played out countless times across innumerable platforms. In the case of films like Dirty Harry, John Wick, Batman, and countless others, it is the lone hero going outside the bounds of the law, fighting violence with violence to deter people from continuing to break the… Read more »

The Illegality and Unsustainability of Nuclear Weapons

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Genbaku Dome stands as a solemn reminder of the sheer destructive force of a nuclear bomb. Today, the bombs that devastated the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be considered “low-yield.” “Low-yield” nuclear weapons generally have a payload falling between 5 and 10 kt. The “Little Boy” bomb dropped on Hiroshima… Read more »

Happy 36th Anniversary, Super Mario!

I truly can’t believe it’s the 36th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. 36 years. September 13th, 1985. That was 9 years before I was born. First, Steve from Blues Clues returns to tell us how much he misses and cares about us, and now I find out THE original blockbuster video game… Read more »

I am a Nuclear Bombshell

I’m a nuclear bombshell and I tease an incomprehensible body count.

Pale, Male, and Stale

If we continue to repeat the same patterns of not bringing in new and diverse thinkers, we will keep coming up against the same barriers we’ve seen for decades.