United Against Nuclear War

The President of the United States has absolute control over our country’s nuclear arsenal – that means he or she has absolute control over the lives of every American. 

Luckily, we can change that. With a groundswell of activism at the state level, we can make it clear to Washington that the American electorate will not sit on the sidelines while it is held hostage by the undemocratic nuclear system.

That’s why were mobilizing in every state to say clearly to the rest of the country: “Our state will not tolerate the nuclear status quo.”

By passing state resolutions calling on the federal government to put checks & balances on the President’s nuclear power, Beyond the Bomb is sending the message that our issue cannot be ignored if candidates hope to win at the ballot box. Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill have a slew of legislative options available to them that would reduce the risk of nuclear war, yet they continue to do nothing.