Sign the petition: Congress must stop Trump from starting a war with Iran!

The Trump administration is laying the groundwork for war with Iran. Led by Iraq-war architect John Bolton, the U.S. has reneged on the Iran nuclear deal, imposed extreme sanctions that punish ordinary Iranians and now is escalating its belligerent rhetoric.

Military action against Iran would inevitably kill large numbers of innocent people, be phenomenally expensive, bring international condemnation, and foster hatred towards the United States.

A strong majority of Americans oppose going to war with Iran. Congress needs to listen to them and step in and prevent a military confrontation before it starts.

Sign the petition to Congress: Stop the drumbeat of war with Iran.

The stakes are too high!

We are excited to partner on this action with the following organizations:
American Family Voices
Beyond the Bomb
Common Defense
Daily Kos
NIAC Action
Peace Action
Ploughshares Fund
Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)