Scan for the Codes


Sorry, we can’t actually give you the nuclear codes, but did you know they used to be 00000000

During the Cold War, the code that was meant to prevent an unauthorized launch of the United States’ nuclear missiles was eight zeros: 00000000. This code was used by top military personnel for 15 years, to allow for the quickest launch of a nuclear weapon possible. It wasn’t until 2004, when a former Minuteman missile launch control officer Bruce Blair alerted the public to this scandal. These codes represent a terrifying reality when you take into account the amount of destruction a single nuclear weapon can cause, and just how easy it is to launch a nuke.

In fact, under the current policy of sole authority, the President of the United States has limitless authority to quickly launch a nuclear strike. The President can launch a nuclear weapon without the approval from Congress, the Defense Secretary, a military officer or anyone else, creating a loophole in the U.S. system of checks and balances. 

The U.S. claims that its nuclear weapons arsenal is only for deterrence, however we don’t want to take that risk. Adopting a No First Use policy would solidify that sentiment while reducing the risk of jumpstarting nuclear war. At Beyond the Bomb, we are banding together to support No First Use, and we need your help! Afterall, there are no winners in a nuclear war.

Reasons why adopting a No First Use Policy is more important than ever:

  • A No First Use policy puts the people and the planet first

Nuclear weapons harm innocent people, affecting civilians and leaving side effects that generations of families are left to deal with. As we have seen across the planet, radiation causes increased rates of thyroid disease and cancer in survivors. The Hibakusha, downwinders, and Marshallese are only a few examples of this system of injustice. 

  • It reduces the exorbitant amount the US spends on nuclear weapons

In the last 75 years, the United States has spent trillions of dollars on nuclear weapons. This money could go to truly protecting our citizens by funding things such as healthcare, education, and other vital social programs.

  • Most importantly, it reduces the risk of an accidental nuclear apocalypse

A recent study showed that it would take only 100 nuclear weapons launched to end life as we know it (even though the U.S. alone has over 5500.). We have yet to see the consequences of a two-sided nuclear war, and No First Use reduces that risk. Mistakes have and can be made with nuclear weapons. In fact, since 1950, there have been a recorded 32 broken arrows, or times that the government has lost a nuclear weapon, some of them have still not been found to this day!

It is easy to feel hopeless when talking about issues like a nuclear apocalypse, but there is hope. 

We are the BombSquad, and we are building a grassroots movement to create a better and safer future. We need you to join us on the frontline for a better world, free of the threat of a nuclear war.

This movement is our movement, let’s make history together