Postcards for Peace

No matter who wins this election, we cannot keep living under the threat of nuclear war. 

We need your help to send thousands of handwritten postcards to our elected officials, incoming representatives, friends, and family to tell them enough is enough. We need No First Use. 

This November we’ll be sending out packs of postcards designed by Molly Hurley, hosting virtual writing parties, and holding Congress accountable! All you need to bring is a pen and some stamps to support peace (and the post office)!

Sending our representatives emails, calling their offices, and writing letters to the editor, are all important ways to lobby our officials, but there’s something special about handwritten notes! Once you get your postcards, we invite you to join us for a virtual postcard writing party where we’ll have sample scripts, answers to your questions, and lots of fun! We want to make sure every representative in Congress gets a postcard!


Thanks for signing up to join our campaign, and we’re sorry if we missed you! RSVP for postcard writing parties on 12/6 at 1pm EST, 12/9 at 7pm EST or 12/11 at 7pm EST here!