Pledge your city against nuclear war!

When the White House fails us, cities and states need to stand up to protect our communities from nuclear war. Beyond the Bomb is calling on 100 cities to demand Congress control the President’s ability to use a nuclear weapon whenever, wherever.

We’re organizing in cities across the country for mayors, council members, and governors to pass resolutions in support of policies that would put checks and balances on the President’s unilateral ability to launch a nuclear weapon. These include: a No First Use policy, the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act, or others that take the President’s finger further away from the button.

Start the campaign in your city today! Check out our action map to see if there’s a chapter in your area and check out our sample resolution and other resources to win over your town’s council members.

Want to chat with an organizer about how to get started with a local campaign? Drop a note to [email protected]