Make Love, Not War

Love is in the air and it’s up to all of us to make sure nuclear weapons never are again. As we get closer to the 2020 election we need to make sure every candidate and representative know we’re putting our #FutureFirst, and breaking up with nuclear weapons. 

We need to be explicitly clear – Americans don’t want more nukes, we don’t want to spend more on nukes, and we never want them used. It’s time to put people and the planet first. 

Join us for a month of action in the name of love!

Take action now to Make Love, Not War.

It’s time to remind America to Make Love, Not War! So, we are dedicating the month of February to driving that message home with a series of actions to put love in the air (and keep nukes out). Here’s how it works:

  • First things, first. Take 5 minutes to write an email to your Representative and we’ll send you a heartfelt Valentine’s gift: Beyond the Bomb stickers.  
  • Once you have your stickers, share them! Put a sticker on your car, at your favorite bar or coffee shop, on your water bottle. Give one to your Valentine!
  • Then, post a pic of your stickers out in the world and you’ll get another Valentine’s gift from us…
  • Make Love, Not War condoms! So useful, so clever! Keep them for yourself or share them with your friends or the health clinic on campus.
  • Finally, once we’ve got you all excited, it’ll be time to visit your Representative’s district office to bring the love straight to their door.