Make Love Not War 2021

This February, whether you’re celebrating with your Galentine or your Valentine, it’s important to remember that love is so much better than war. At Beyond the Bomb, we’re demanding the U.S. start practicing safe, consensual nuclear policies that Make Love, Not War! After all, standing up to social injustices has a certain sense of je ne sais quoi.

The U.S. built and tested nuclear weapons on their own soil for decades without protecting or adequately informing surrounding communities and those they hired to work on these projects of their exposure to dangerous levels of radiation. It is appalling that the majority of this was done without the consent or knowledge of nearby communities and workers.

In 1990, RECA began offering health care and compensation to a select few of those exposed. Without Congressional action, RECA will expire in 2022. It is time to take action now to make sure no one is at risk from unsafe nuclear policies and protect everyone who has already been hurt!

Here are some actions you can take this February to support frontline communities: