Call On Congress to Stop Nuclear War!

Every Congressional leader has multiple bills on their desk right now that would limit Trump’s sole authority to launch a nuclear strike. These bills would in essence ensure that Congress has oversight on whether we launch an unprovoked nuclear missile, just like Congress holds the power to declare war.

Passing the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act would be a powerful start to extinguishing Trump’s manic threats of fire and fury. We also know that the best way to restrain a President gone mad is to extinguish these weapons for good. Congress needs to know: the American people will not stand to have their lives held in the balance by one thread, by one man, by a nightmare class of weapons we’ve been living under for far too long.

There is now law can that stops Trump from pushing the red button at a whim — so we need new laws. That puts the pressure on Congress, and we’re here to ramp up that pressure.

Join a new mass movement that will only get louder and louder, in DC and in home districts around the country, until Congress can match our volume and vision.

Check out if your town is on the map and drop us a note at [email protected] to get involved!