Act now: Meet with members of Congress to stop a nuclear arms race!

A lot is on the line right now. Military expansion is happening across the globe, including in our own backyards, and we have to act now to put the needs of the people first. In the events of the past weeks, we especially see the overreach of military spending clearly illustrated. Even as protestors gathered outside of the White House, Trump hid in his bunker. The people don’t have bunkers to save us from his administration’s reckless decisions and plans.

2020 has been a year fraught with global tension, from the assassination of Maj. Gen. Quassem Soleimani, to Trump’s Special Envoy on Arms Control claiming on May 22nd that we are prepared to spend Russia and China “into oblivion” to win a nuclear arms race. The truth is, there are no winners in a nuclear arms race. 

In a time the country desperately needs solidarity, this administration has withdrawn from treaties, threatened peaceful protestors with military retaliation, suggested restarting nuclear testing, and is seeking billions in increased funding for nuclear weapons next year. Things look pretty dismal, but there is a lot we can do even from home. 

Our representatives need to know we won’t stand for increased funding for weapons and war when people are dying of COVID-19 and police violence at home. 

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Virtual lobby visits are even easier than in person, and this is a critical moment to take action. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from helping you schedule your meeting, providing training and materials beforehand, and materials to follow up with! Check out our past blog posts on drop in visits and lobbying and stay tuned for more information before you visit your representative! 

Sign up here to virtually visit your representative!