Breaking: Cities across the US take action to prevent nuclear war

Grassroots movements often take time. But the results are so satisfying. A year ago, I began conversations with local groups in Washington State and Los Angeles. Our goal was to pass local resolutions to apply upward pressure on Congress to stop the President’s sole authority over our nuclear weapons.

Over the past year, Beyond the Bomb has worked with the Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition and Physicians for Social Responsibility LA, steadily amassing support for these critical pieces of legislation and educating the public on how their voice matters.

And, our collective work has paid off! Citizens stepped up and demanded their representatives speak up on their behalf. The result is that three new cities— Spokane, Olympia, and Los Angeles— have joined over a dozen other cities across the country to call for No First Use and other checks and balances on our nuclear system. When people get together around a common cause there is no limit to what they can accomplish! And the momentum keeps growing! Next week California will be hearing a similar resolution, AJR 30, bringing this fight up a notch to the state level. If you live in CA you can add your voice here.

Stay tuned, we are only getting started!