Boos for Bolton

Bolton is out! We’ve been saying it from the beginning: Bolton is an ideological extremist who believes in war over diplomacy. And, he had no place in the White House.

Thanks to you we have been able to expose Bolton as a serial arms control killer. His rigid doctrine on militarism and systematic approach to dismantling the guardrails on nuclear proliferation have destabilized our world. But, together, our steady drumbeat of letters to Congress, online actions, and rallies ensured Trump couldn’t keep up the facade of diplomacy while Bolton was whispering in his ear.

For too long, Bolton was the devil sitting on Trump’s shoulder. But, thanks to you, he’s been moved to the curb. Join us in reminiscing about some of our favorite Boos for Bolton...

With Bolton’s roadblock out of the way we must seize the opportunity to begin negotiations on extending this cornerstone nuclear treaty. Your donation ensures we can build on this momentum to set us back on the course for a sane nuclear policy and diplomatic solutions to these international tensions. One person should never have the power to influence international outcomes the way Bolton has, and one person should not be able to launch nukes on a whim. We’ll keep fighting to make the U.S. the democracy we know it is.

Donate now and together we’ll keep fighting like hell.