Beyond the Bomb Welcomes the Entry into Force of the Nuclear Ban Treaty

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has reached the 50-state ratification threshold for entry into force. Its signatories have demonstrated their commitment to the elimination of the most dangerous weapons ever created, and their belief in the power of committed organizers working with international institutions to forge a path toward a safer, more peaceful world.

Beyond the Bomb recognizes that our fight is the same fight, our goal the same urgent, deeply consequential goal, and we applaud their achievements.

Cecili Thompson Williams, executive director of Beyond the Bomb, a people-powered campaign working to free our planet from nuclear violence, issued the following statement in reaction:

“As more nations of the world add their voices to the chorus demanding the elimination of nuclear weapons, however, we recognize that it is the nuclear-armed countries — none of whom have signed the Treaty, and many of whom have publicly rebuked it — that must take the first steps down the path to zero. As long as these countries believe that nuclear weapons are essential for their security, no amount of external pressure will shake their commitment to maintaining their arsenals. But, as more and more people around the world take up the cause of delegitimizing these arsenals, we must hold nuclear-armed nations to account. The case must be made that not only are these weapons profoundly immoral and unacceptable, they are an urgent existential threat to national and human security.

“As one of many in the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons and prevent nuclear use, Beyond the Bomb remains committed to working with the US public and policy makers to drive toward No First Use – a critical, trust building policy declaring that the US will not start a nuclear war. We believe a global norm of No First Use will facilitate the phased, verifiable elimination of all nuclear weapons and that the US is in a unique position to lead the way among nuclear-armed nations.

“Disarmament is as ambitious a goal as it is an essential step to securing humanity’s future. Today, we celebrate the achievements of others in this fight and reinforce our commitment to the difficult work that lies ahead.”