Beyond the Bomb 2019 Holiday Conversation Starters

It’s nearly the holiday season once again! If you are like us, you can’t believe 2019 is already coming to a close (and, you are feeling pretty relieved to be done with it!).

Now, we want you to enjoy your breaks and take some much needed YOU time to recover from reality. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you some tools to take your activism home for holidays!

You may be thinking, “Should I really go there, when most of our conversations are focused on Uncle Bobby’s turkey slicing skills and Aunt Bea’s famous mashed potatoes?” We say go for it! And we’ve prepared a few conversation starters to help you out.*

*We don’t recommend using all of these – you want your family to still like you after the holidays. Just find one that’s right for you!

When you are preparing a big family meal:
“I love how we come together for these meals. I wish that all people could have this opportunity. Did you know that there are families still living with the effects of nuclear mining, waste, and testing? We really need to shut down our nuclear system.

When the chill in the air gets a little overwhelming, suggest:
“I was just reading about nuclear winter – did you know that a nuclear war would likely cause the atmosphere to fill with smoke and dust, blocking the sun and creating a period of cold and darkness? I can handle 3 months of winter, but 20 years feels excessive.”

When you are watching the big game with the family, remind your family:
“What’s crazy is that there is so little barrier between our president and nuclear war that it can fit inside the nuclear football! If he decides to drop a nuclear bomb, no one can stop him – for any reason.”

Got a more sentimental family? Try these:

When it’s time to say what you are thankful for:
“I’m thankful to be part of a movement to protect the world from nuclear war. No First Use is such an important policy and I’m thankful that I get to work to make it reality.”

When mom says how happy she is to have the family together, offer:
“Me, too! It is great to spend time with family. In fact, I’ve been working with Beyond the Bomb to help protect our future together. Did you know that right now the president can just decide to drop a nuclear bomb anytime he wants and no one can stop him? I think we should put our future first instead!”

When your grandfather reminisces about holidays past:
“You know, when I was a kid, you always taught me to speak up for what I believe in and share my thoughts. I am so thankful for that lesson and that I get to practice that by taking action with Beyond the Bomb. We are working to prevent nuclear war by establishing a No First Use policy in the U.S.”

Let us know if you use any of these conversation starters (or come up with your own)!