Author: Rachel Traczyk

Do You Feel Safe? Well, Do ‘Ya Punk?

Might makes right. It’s a well-known motif in the media, played out countless times across innumerable platforms. In the case of films like Dirty Harry, John Wick, Batman, and countless others, it is the lone hero going outside the bounds of the law, fighting violence with violence to deter people from continuing to break the… Read more »

This Memorial Day We Honor Atomic Veterans

Francis Lincoln Grahlfs is an atomic veteran, pacifist, and an anti-nuclear activist. Every email or correspondence he sends is followed with one short phrase: “In war, everyone loses.” He is a veteran of World War II, who witnessed multiple nuclear tests and the effects of a nuclear weapon first hand, and most importantly, he never willingly volunteered to be a part of these tests.

The Cost of Progress

Welcome back to part two of our series High Risk, No Reward on the Trinity test site and its impact on New Mexicans. You can find part one here. Read more about Rachel’s work on Inkstick Media here.  Taken as a story of human achievement, and human blindness, the discoveries in the sciences are among… Read more »

High Risk, No Reward

BombSquad Fellow Rachel Traczyk went to the Trinity test site in October, paying witness to this catalytic moment in history that would damage thousands of lives and leave consequences that humanity will be grappling with for generations to come.