Author: BtB Team


August 6th and 9th mark the 76th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives on those two horrific days — and more have followed in the years since due to the long term effects of radiation exposure. But, survivors of those attacks and of the nuclear weapons industrial… Read more »

Bad Science! War Games

Join Beyond the Bomb’s campaign director Tristan Guyette, and Apocalypse Now’s Sean Morrow as they discuss the 1980’s movie War Games!

The Pentagon’s $9 Million SLCM-Up

By Ellen Leonard & Rachel Traczyk Yet again, the United States has found another way to pour an absurd and unnecessary amount of money into its nuclear arsenal. The previous U.S. sea launched cruise missile (SLCM), the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile-Nuclear (TLAM-N), was retired and put to a short rest in 2010. Recently, talk about… Read more »

International Human Rights Day 2019

This International Human Rights Day, we hope that you’ll join us in recognizing the connections between nuclear weapons and human rights.

People’s Town Hall on Nuclear Weapons

An organizer at Beyond the Bomb’s University of Washington chapter testified during Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition’s People’s Town Hall on Nuclear Weapons.