Author: Anika Devotta

Asian-Heritage Month: Ecofeminism in South Asia

What do you picture when you hear the term, “Tree Hugger?” Bell bottoms and flower crowns? A 4/20-friendly free spirit? Maybe a nomadic band, tambourines and all.  Allow me to decolonize that image. The term, “tree hugger,” finds its roots in the Garahwal forest of Uttar Pradesh, a north Indian state bordering the Himalayas. The… Read more »

The Intersection Between Nuclear Weapons and Prisons

At a staggering 2.3 million people, America’s prison population has increased 500% over the past four decades. The rapid expansion of the carceral system has been dubbed the Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC). First used in 1974 by the North Carolina Prisoners Labor Union, the term references the broad privatization of America’s legal system for maximized profits…. Read more »

A Nuclear War on Orchid Island

Tucked away in the southern corner of Taiwan, the remote island of LanYu, or as it’s more popularly known, Orchid Island, is all but hidden. Tourists flock to this idyllic destination for its stunning coral reefs and dense forests covered with the flower that gives the island its unique name. Among the shimmering fish and… Read more »