Beyond the Bomb Warns Bolton is a “Bomb Threat”

Statement from John Qua, spokesperson for Beyond the Bomb, a new grassroots movement to stop nuclear war, on President Trump’s pick of John Bolton to replace H.R. McMasters as National Security Advisor:

“John Bolton is a bomb threat to the world. President Trump’s elevation of one of the chief architects of the disastrous war in Iraq to National Security Advisor dramatically increases the likelihood that the American people will be plunged into military conflict.

“Bolton has repeatedly advocated that the United States preemptively bomb both Iran and North Korea — with no justification for such a costly and dangerous attack and no acknowledgment of the horrific consequences for human life and global security. Bolton’s extreme views and fetish for use of force makes the Trump administration an even greater threat to global security. Bolton’s appointment is especially worrying because he’ll now be whispering directly into the ear of Donald Trump, who possesses the sole authority to launch thousands of nuclear weapons at any moment.

“Trump’s elevation of Bolton to National Security Advisor underscores the urgency of reining in his unchecked power to single-handedly start nuclear war. It’s time for Congress to get off the sidelines and support emergency measures to limit the damage this administration can do, and that starts with restricting Trump’s currently limitless power to use nuclear weapons. Congress must not wait for missiles to be in the air before they act.”

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Beyond the Bomb is building a grassroots movement to move us back from the brink of nuclear war, dismantle the nuclear system, and to secure a just future for all. For more information, please visit