Anti-Nuclear War Activists Denounce Pompeo’s Confirmation as Chief Diplomat

Statement from John Qua, spokesperson for Beyond the Bomb, a new grassroots movement to prevent nuclear war, on Mike Pompeo’s confirmation at Secretary of State:

“The Senate’s decision to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State is a slap in the face to America’s hardworking diplomats and an American public that’s rightly concerned about blundering into an unnecessary war. The historic levels of contention in this nomination process, and the lowest-ever recorded confirmation vote, speak volumes about Pompeo’s unfitness for the job.”

“By installing a warhawk like Pompeo as America’s chief diplomat, the Senate just dealt a major blow to an already hollowed-out State Department — and further pushes the nation down the path to war. We have every reason to fear this is a vote that will come back to haunt us.”

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Beyond the Bomb is building a grassroots movement to pull us back from the brink of nuclear war, dismantle the nuclear system, and to secure a just future for all. For more information, please visit