Stop War with North Korea Week of Action

Donald Trump has tweeted and taunted his way into a disastrous crisis with North Korea.

While our elected officials sit idly by, Trump has thrown diplomacy to the wayside and made unprecedented threats of nuclear war -- putting millions of lives at risk. It’s time our elected officials leaders step into the ring and protect us from this loose cannon in the White House.

In solidarity with activists globally, Beyond the Bomb is organized actions the week of November 6-10 to demonstrate widespread opposition to Trump’s absolute power to start nuclear war with North Korea.

As the world watches Trump’s trip, we took advantage of an opportunity to stand up for the three quarters of Americans opposed to nuclear war with North Korea - and flip the script on Trump’s warmongering.

Take Action This November to Resist Nuclear War

Beyond the Bomb is calling on activists to take one of 3 actions:

  1. Meet your mayor: Hold a meeting with your mayor or city councillors and urge your city to join dozens of cities who have pledged support for democratic checks and balances on the President’s ability to use nuclear weapons.
  2. Write a letter-to-the-editor: Submit a brief opinion piece to your local paper about Trump’s visit to East Asia and the need to reign in his power over America’s massive nuclear arsenal.
  3. Organize a rally: Make some noise in front of your Senator’s office and demand they oppose nuclear war.

Sign up to take action Nov 6-10!

Follow our step-by-step guide to organize an action