Beyond the Bomb

Peace Through Justice

We're building a grassroots movement to stop nuclear war. Join us.


Beyond the Bomb is committed to ending the nuclear system, which exploits marginalized populations, consumes resources that should be devoted to the health of our communities and environment. Led by women, people of color, and young people, we’re a grassroots movement fighting for a world that chooses cooperation over fear, humanity over profit, and peace over war.


Take Action

Stop War with North Korea

In solidarity with activists globally, Beyond the Bomb organized actions the week of November 6-10 to demonstrate widespread opposition to Trump’s absolute power to start nuclear war with North Korea.

Change the Conversation

Use this simple tool to write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the need to rein in Trump’s absolute power over America’s nuclear arsenal.

Rally Your Community

Hold a meeting with your city councilmembers or your mayor and call on your city to join dozens who have pledged support for checks and balances on the President’s ability to use a nuclear weapon.

Campaign Updates

Trump’s Nuclear War Threats Prove Congress Must Limit Presidential Launch Authority

Anti-Nuke Group: Trump’s Nuclear War Threats Prove Congress Must Limit Presidential Launch Authority Beyond the Bomb responds to Trump’s latest controversial tweet antagonizing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over nuclear […]

Open Letter to Congress: Trump is a Bomb Threat

Dear Members of Congress, We write on behalf of progressive organizations and concerned individuals. Collectively we represent millions of Americans — and we’re angry. We’re angry because Donald Trump has […]

Anti-Nuke Group: “North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Proves Trump’s Failed Policies Put Americans At Risk”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 CONTACT: Anna Zuccaro | [email protected] | (914) 523-9145 Lillyanne Daigle, chief spokesperson for Beyond the Bomb, a new grassroots movement to prevent nuclear […]

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